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My Approach to Counseling

In my work with individuals, I pull heavily from attachment theory, and incorporate interventions from the cognitive-behavioral (CBT) model of therapy. Unlike many therapists who treat unwanted symptoms with coping skills, I will assist you in addressing the underlying belief system that is driving the symptoms. I view things from a systemic perspective, taking all impactful relationships and the beliefs that arose from those relationships into consideration. I also offer Christian counseling for those who would like to incorporate their faith into the counseling process, as religion and spirituality can shape how we view the world.

In my couples and family work, I do not view each individual as my client, but instead view the relationship as my client. In these sessions, we will work on increasing understanding and empathy, validating one another, and strengthening communication. In my family and couples sessions, I regularly counsel using emotion-focused therapy, which is considered to be one of the most empirically validated forms of couples and/or family therapy. In our sessions, we will dive into how to practically meet each others' needs for love and belonging.

My mission is to leave people better than I found them. Together, let's improve your life!

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